Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13, 1939: Virginia Payne plays Mrs. Carter on the Radio Series 'The Carters of Elm Street'

February 13, 1939: The Carters of Elm Street, NBC's radio soap opera, featured the new character of Ms. Carter, played by Virginia Payne.

Virginia Payne, an American radio actress, was popular for her previous role as Ma Perkins. She was able to play the role throughout the show's 27-year run without missing a single episode (that's out of over 7,000 episodes the show broadcast).

In addition to her well-known role, Payne also portrayed the character of Mrs. Kerry Carter on the radio program The Carters of Elm Street, which is often called one of the most realistic series ever made. It tells the story of a wife who struggles to achieve happiness for her and her family. The program also stars Vic Smith as Mr. Henry Carter.

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