Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 1935: The debut of Ethel Merman's 'Rhythm at Eight'

May 5, 1935: The first debut of the "Rhythm at Eightradio program. This program starred the 24 years old actress Ethel Merman. Unfortunately,  Merman's broadcast only lasted for 13 weeks before Miss Merman went back to Broadway. But in later years she would become a legend.

Known as the musical comedy stage's first lady, Ethel Merman, born Ethel Agnes Zimmerman, was an American singer famous for her powerful voice. Compared to her contemporaries, Merman had a great advantage over them despite never taking singing lessons. In fact, she was told that she didn't need any at all.

Due to her popularity, she was mentioned in many movies, Broadway plays, songs, etc.

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