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January 16: Debut of "I Love a Mystery"

On this date in OTR: " I Love a Mystery " debuted Jan. 16, 1939, on NBC's West Coast network.  It moved to the full network in October of that year. Carleton E. Morse's stories focused on the adventures of three detectives in the Hollywood A-1 Detective Agency. The program ended Dec. 26, 1952.

March 1, 1941: Duffy’s Tavern - Where the elites meet to eat

March 1, 1941: " Duffy Tavern ", a popular American radio situation comedy , debuted on CBS and ran for decades on several networks. " Duffy Tavern " was an old time radio comedy program which featured guest stars acting as individuals who are routinely put into unfortunate situations. "Hello, Duffy's Tavern, where the elites meet to eat. Archie the manager speakin" -- was the famous opening line of the main character of the show. The actor for the main character also happened to be the owner and its co-creator: Ed Gardiner. In honor of the popular program, some restaurants have dubbed themselves  Duffy Tavern  other names known through the show.

April 10, 1943: Debut of "The Falcon" Old Time Radio Detective Series

On this day in 1943, the old time radio detective series The Falcon made its radio debut. The Falcon radio detective was "always ready with a hand for oppressed men, and an eye for repressed women!"