Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26: Happy Birthday, Dane Clark

February 26: Happy Birthday, Dane Clark

Dane Clark's career proves that if a law degree doesn't get you anywhere, and if you can't find work as a construction worker, boxer, or model, try acting!
Not long after Clark ditched modeling for acting, he found himself working with the likes of Bette Davis, Cary Grant, and Humphrey Bogart--in fact, Bogey gave Clark his stage name.

In the mid-50's, Clark landed the starring role of Peter Chambers on the program Crime & Peter Chambers. This series was based on crime novels by Henry Kane. The protagonist in these pulps, Peter Chambers, was in the mold of the swinging playboy whose sidekick was Miss Amanda Foxworth.

Clark died on September 11, 1998.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

About Old Time Radio's Premiere Broadcast Series "Escape"

How do you describe a program that placed the listener in the actors skin? What could possibly pass beyond the adventure being a deeper message? That answer has to come in the form of listening to the program at hand. each storyline was always different on Escape.

The results maybe the similar, but never identical. Escape brought the message intent home through a different form each week. The message might be a moral conundrum or a realization of our humanity. The stories that Escape chose to air were either popular or new, but never dull.

"Escape! Designed to free you from the four walls of today for a half-hour of high adventure!" was the calling card of this weekly episodic. It performed beautifully the mission of driving out the patterns of routine and created a world of intrigue and adventure. Escape capitalized on the dream of every man, woman and child to go to the far off reaches of this globe or to taste the excitement of breaching the envelope. It was never about showcasing the voice talents of the notable of the was about executing the message to perfection.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 1949: Debut of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

February 18, 1949: Radio drama Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was presented for the first time on CBS. The program featured Charles Russell playing the role of an insurance investigator who was also a strong detective.

In its 12-year run, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was able to produce 811 episodes.

The story always started with Johnny receiving a call from the insurance executive and being told to investigate some unusual claim. The character of Johnny Dollar was portrayed by seven actors in the show's whole run.

“The Tip of Matter”, the last episode of the show, along with another CBS radio program, Suspense, are often cited by historians as the last broadcasts of the Golden Age of Radio.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 1924: The First President's Political Speech on Radio

February 12, 1924: President Calvin Coolidge who is known as the 'Silent Cal', for the first time make his political speech on the radio. The president radio speech was from New York and broadcast on five radio station. Millions people was heard the speech.

Although known as a quiet and even reclusive person, but he was the most friendly president with medium. He used radio, the newest medium at that time, to spread his mind, idea, regulation etc to the people of US. He was available for press, he made 529 press conference and regular meeting with reporters along his career as US President.

Friday, February 6, 2015