February 18, 1949: Debut of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

February 18, 1949: Radio drama Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was presented for the first time on CBS. The program featured Charles Russell playing the role of an insurance investigator who was also a strong detective.

In its 12-year run, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was able to produce 811 episodes.

The story always started with Johnny receiving a call from the insurance executive and being told to investigate some unusual claim. The character of Johnny Dollar was portrayed by seven actors in the show's whole run.

“The Tip of Matter”, the last episode of the show, along with another CBS radio program, Suspense, are often cited by historians as the last broadcasts of the Golden Age of Radio.


  1. I used to listen to this program. It and Suspense came on every Saturday during the early sixties. Along with Gunsmoke these were the last two programs of Old Time Radio that CBS broadcasted. The CBS Radio Mystery Theater came during the seventies and I don't count it as OTR. I did listen to it, though.


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