Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 1946: The Second Mrs. Burton Airs on CBS

September 21, 1946: "The Second Mrs. Burton" was heard for the first time on the entire CBS network after being tested on a regional basis. The show fared very well, and stayed on the CBS network for 14 years.

Hector Chevigny had written the scripts of "The Second Mrs. Burton". It ran for 15 minutes on CBS starting at 2 PM from Monday to Friday.


  1. The woman who played the mother-in-law, the one in the foreground, was the great Ethel Owen who is immortal as Ralph Kramden's mother-in-law. Great actress and held her own sharing the stage with Gleason.

  2. I have tapes of all of those soaps. My Mother & Grandmother loved them too.

  3. my mother and grandmother were big SOAP fans, helen trent, our gal sunday, lorenzo jones, etc., on and on.