Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5, 1948: Richard Denning and Lucille Ball starred on CBS' 'My Favorite Husband'

July 5, 1948: My Favorite Husband, starring Richard Denning and Lucille Ball, turned out to be the talented redhead's premier radio show on CBS.  Both the characters were known as "two people who live together and like it."

My Favorite Husband was the title of a radio program on CBS and a TV series. It was based on Isabel Scott Rorick's three novels, namely "Outside Eden," "The Record of a Happy Marriage," and "Mr. and Mrs. Cougat." The program, which had a total of 124 episodes, told the story of the well-off couple George and Liz Cooper.

Lucille Ball, the series' female lead star, was asked by CBS to play the same role in the TV adaptation of the series with her co-start Richard Denning. However, she refused, insisting that her real-life husband Desi Arnaz should do the male lead role. Reluctantly, the  network agreed, and gave them the show I Love Lucy instead. The show's main sponsor became Phillip Morris after the original sponsor Jell-O terminated its sponsorship.

The television version of My Favorite Husband aired in 1953 with Barry Nelson and Joan Caulfield as the new Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.

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