Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 1939: CBS airs 'Honolulu Bound'

January 14, 1939: Phil Baker and the Andrew sisters featured a Honolulu bound program that was broadcast by CBS.

The show, otherwise known as The Phil Baker Show, was a 30-minute radio musical comedy program that aired every Wednesday evening during its run.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13, 1906: Cheap Radio Receivers for just $7.50

January 13, 1906: Importers of electronic devices company, Hugh Gernsback Electro, offers cheap receivers. The Scientific American Magazine mentioned that Receiver is offered at a price $7.50. Hugh Gernsback Electro ensures that the receiver can receive signals up to 1 mile distance

Hugo Gernsback (August 16, 1884 – August 19, 1967), born Hugo Gernsbacher, was better known as a Luxembourgian American inventor, writer, editor, and magazine publisher, best remembered for publications that included the first science fiction magazine. That was after he runs the electonic company Hugh Gernsback Electro.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12, 1932: Ed Sullivan's Gossip and Interview Broadcast

January 12, 1932:  Ed Sullivan was presented in a program of gossip and interview on CBS radio.

Edward Vincent "Ed" Sullivan (September 28, 1901 – October 13, 1974) was a former boxer  who became an American entertainment writer and television host. He was most popular as the host of The Ed Sullivan Show, which aired  from 1948 to 1971 (a total of 23 years), one of the longest-running variety shows in U.S. broadcast history

Sullivan began his media work as a newspaper sportswriter for The New York Evening Graphic. Later on he replaced Walter Winchell as the theatre columnist. His column was published in The New York Daily News. In 1933, he started his career in film by writing and starring in the film Mr. Broadway. This was a milestone for Sullivan, allowing him to meet entertainers and celebrities. Sullivan soon became one of Winchell's main rivals, setting the El Morocco nightclub in New York as his unofficial headquarters against Winchell's seat of power at the nearby Stork Club. Sullivan continued writing for The News throughout his broadcasting career and his popularity long outlived that of Walter Winchell.

Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 1947: Frank Lovejoy for the lead role on the series 'The Amazing Mr. Malone'

January 11, 1947: The crime drama series The Amazing Mr. Malone, with Frank Lovejoy in the lead role, aired on ABC for the first time. The show was also known as Murder and Mr. Malone.

The Amazing Mr. Malone was a radio crime series starring Frank Lovejoy as the lead character. Based on Craig Rice's novel of the same name, the story revolved around the socialite lawyer John Joseph Malone, who never gave up until he solved the crime featured in each episode. The show, although not as popular as other radio detective/crime shows, lasted until 1951.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 1943: 'The Better Half' first aired on Mutual

January 10, 1943: The radio quiz show The Better Half was transmitted for the first time on Mutual. The show involved 4 married couples participating in feats comprising of customary ideas of "womanhood" and "manhood".

 The Better Half  was a funny quiz show where couples were pitted against each other to find out which of them was the "better" one. The questions were quite easy, and were derived from categories such as travel, household items, colors, etc. The losing couple was required to sit in the audience and watch the rest of the show. Tiny Ruffner hosted the program during its entire run.

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 1940: 'Gene Autry's Melody Ranch' started on CBS

January 7, 1940: Commonly known as "the singing cowboy", the gate to Gene Autry's Melody Ranch opened. He would entertain on CBS radio for the next sixteen years, excluding the years 1942-45, during which Gene Autry was enlisted in the Army Air Corps.

Gene Autry's Melody Ranch was a weekly show that aired on CBS from 1940-1916. The show was such a hit among young listeners that Autry created the Cowboy Code, which listed 10 Cowboy commandments.

Due to the popularity of his radio (and also film) performances, Autry had many imitators, but none of them reached the success of the original.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6: Happy Birthday, Loretta Young

January 6: Happy Birthday, Loretta Young

Born as Gretchen Young on January 6th, 1913, Loretta Young was a famous American actress. After the separation of her parents, Loretta moved to Hollywood along with her mother and sisters at the age of 3. She quickly started acting, playing a small role in The Primrose Ring as a fairy at her young age.

The name “Loretta” was given to her by actress Colleen Moore, who explained that it was the name of her favorite doll. The newly dubbed Loretta Young was a highly prolific actress who made as many as nine movies a year starring alongside big name actors. In 1935, she starred in Gone With the Wind alongside Clark Gable, who she would later have a secret love affair with. The tryst ended up begetting a child, Judith Young.

Loretta won an Oscar for her performance in The Farmer’s Daughter, and she also had starring roles in The Bishop’s Wife and Mother is a Freshman. Eventually, Young’s career moved to television, where she became the host of the Loretta Young Show.

Young made numerous guest appearances on radio programs, including many production of Lux Radio Theater.

Loretta Young passed away on August 12th, 2000 from ovarian cancer.