July 22, 1942: 'Mr. and Mrs. North's' first episode on NBC

July 22, 1942: Mr. and Mrs. North aired for the first time on NBC. ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ was the title song for the show. Joseph Curtin was performed by Jerry North and Alice Frost starred as Pam. The program was sponsored by Jergens lotion, Woodbury soap, and Halo shampoo. In every show, Pam would rightly lead police to the lawbreakers.

The saying a 'thrill with a smile' best described the show. The main protagonists were a couple of seemingly normal professionals whose preoccupations everybody else would shun – picking up dead bodies of mysterious crime victims in dark alleys and then solving the mysteries. The show presented this as an unbelievable and ridiculously simple task that was analogous to kids piecing jigsaw puzzles together. Their ability to solve the crimes put well-trained and professional law-enforcement officers to shame.