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July 6, 1947: 'Candid Microphone' went on-air for the first time

  July 6, 1947: Candid Microphone went on air for the very first time on ABC radio. It was created by Allen Funt, who used a hidden microphone to set up funny and unusual situations for random people. Candid Microphone  was a practical joke radio series created by Allen Funt. It aired every Saturday night on ABC (and later on CBS every Tuesday). The show was the radio precursor of the popular TV hidden camera reality series entitled "Candid Camera," which aired until May 5, 2004. In Candid Microphone , microphones were hidden and meant to catch people's reactions to some surprising situations.

July 5, 1948: Richard Denning and Lucille Ball starred on CBS' 'My Favorite Husband'

  July 5, 1948: My Favorite Husband , starring Richard Denning and Lucille Ball , turned out to be the talented redhead's premier radio show on CBS.  Both the characters were known as "two people who live together and like it." My Favorite Husband was the title of a radio program on CBS and a TV series. It was based on Isabel Scott Rorick's three novels, namely "Outside Eden," "The Record of a Happy Marriage," and "Mr. and Mrs. Cougat." The program, which had a total of 124 episodes, told the story of the well-off couple George and Liz Cooper. Lucille Ball, the series' female lead star, was asked by CBS to play the same role in the TV adaptation of the series with her co-start Richard Denning . However, she refused, insisting that her real-life husband Desi Arnaz should do the male lead role. Reluctantly, the  network agreed, and gave them the show I Love Lucy instead. The show's main sponsor became Phillip Morris after t

July 3, 1945: Victor Borge hosts his own show

  July 3, 1945: Danish comedian Victor Borge hosted ' The Victor Borge Show ’. It was a summer stand-in for Fibber McGee and Molly . Borge was also employed by Bing Crosby for "Kraft Music Hall" on NBC. Later, he became a regular on the television show, What's My Line ?

July 2, 1939: NBC presents 'The Aldrich Family'

July 2, 1939: NBC showed The Aldrich Family . The Aldrich Family  was a popular teenage sitcom that focused on the adventures of Henry Aldrich, the Aldrich Family's son. It was well-remembered for its introduction, with Henry's mom shouting, "Hen-reeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!" The show lasted until 1953. Enjoy this later broadcast "Selling Christmas Cards" from 1942:

July 1: Happy Birthday, James M. Cain

Fans of old-time radio have no doubt enjoyed adaptations of the gritty fiction of James M. Cain . Cain, whose 1892 birthday we commemorate today, wrote Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity, and The Postman Always Rings Twice. These classics were adapted into bracing radio dramas by such programs as Screen Guild Theater and Lux Radio Theater .  Cain was a tough customer whose contribution to the "hard-boiled" noir genre was a bit different from those of writers like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler , since he wrote about the criminal rather than the detective. He also explored human depravity, applying keen psychological insight. He was drawn to the unsympathetic character and often featured one manipulative criminal seducing another into a web of evil. No wonder radio producers were drawn to his work. We salute, thee,  James M. Cain .

June, 30: Happy Birthday, Lena Horne

Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born June 30, 1917. This versatile lady would grown to become an inspiring actress, singer, dancer and involved in civil rights . This descendant of notable early American colonists, John C Calhoun; Lena Horne spent a very uninspired childhood shuffling from grandparents to mother to an uncle growing up. Her mother was involved in a roving black troupe and that had an early impact on Horne’s desire to entertain. By 1933, Ms Horne became a part of the Cotton Club in NYC. She later became a part of Noble Sissle’s Orchestra, with whom she made her first recording with Decca Records. She then became the main vocalist for the The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street with NBC . during the 30’s and into the 40’s she made a few low-budget films. In 1944, Lena was featured in the radio mystery program Suspense , which featured her singing and acting as a nightclub performer. Also during the period of WWII , Lena Horne could be heard singing on radio pr

June, 29: Happy Birthday, Joan Davis

When Joan Davis was born on June 29, 1907, America was blessed with talent that would encompass all avenues of entertainment. This young comedian was going to make her mark on television, radio, vaudeville and in the movies...not in necessarily in that order. he first arena for performing was in vaudeville with her comedian husband Si Willis. One of her enterprising talents was that of a physical comedian; her size and lanky build was suited for the making the slapstick variety of visual humor. In 1941, Joan Davis entered the radio arena by appearing on the Rudy Vallee Show , where she would become a regular a few months later. When Vallee left to serve during WWII in 1943, Davis and Jack Haley became co-hosts of the program, The Sealtest Village Store. In 1945 she moved over to CBS and did a radio program centered around owning a tea room. In 1947, the show changed placing her name on the title still with the focus of the tea room and the happenings in Smallville, running un