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June 8, 1947: An amazing dog on his first radio program: 'Lassie'

June 8, 1947: Fifteen minute program ‘ Lassie ’ aired for the first time on ABC. The show revolved around an amazing collie dog. The show was presented by Charles Lyon and dog noises were imitated by Earl Keen. Betty Arnold and Marvin Miller starred as dog’s owners. The program was sponsored by Red Heart Dog. "Lassie" featured the story of a collie dog character created by the English Author Eric Knight. Before the story was adapted into a TV series, the radio show came years before, and aired every Saturday evening from 1947 to 1950.

June 7: Happy Birthday, Dean Martin

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes was a signature song for crooner Dean Martin and it was the way he felt about people most of his life. He knew that his fans were what made him the success he became. Born in 1917 as Dino Paul Crocetti, Martin sang his way into the hearts of millions of women and his disgustingly good looks made a few men in their lives rather jealous. Dean Martin was a part of famous Rat Pack , which included notables like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior, and performed 10 years of comedy movies with Jerry Lewis. Although their later years together were tumultuous, Martin had a fondness for his young co-hort in picture making. Dean Martin performed and recorded many classic hits, such as the one mentioned above, That’s Amore and Volare. His singles were played on radio airwaves for decades and never failed to melt the hearts of young female admirers the world over. One of the swashbuckling gossips about Martin was affiliations with the Mafia, which in ret

June 6, 1944: The Doctor Fights' airs on CBS for the First Time

  June 6, 1944: The Doctor Fights went on air on CBS for the first time. The show was a tribute to America's war doctors.  The series focused on wartime heroism in WWII . Its second season was best known for all of the guest Hollywood stars.

June 2, 1937: The first episode of 'Second Husband' on CBS

  June 2, 1937: Second Husband , the radio show that lasted until 1946, was broadcast for the first time by CBS on this day. Second Husband was a radio soap opera aired on NBC Blue every Wednesday at 8:30, replacing the show The Ethel Barrymore Theater .  It starred Helen Menken as Brenda Cummings, the story's main character. After her first husband died in a car accident, Brenda married again to Grant Cummings, a wealthy and influential man. Her children had a very difficult time accepting him as their new father.