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April 24: X Minus One Debuts

The 1990s industrial rock band Rage Against the Machine might not have meant their name to be an homage to the classic radio gem X Minus One , but the phrase does do a good job of summing up the show's common story lines. On this revival of Dimension X , men fight computers and robots and are attacked by alien star fleets. Today, 1955, marks the first time radio listeners got to hear the famous lines, "Countdown for blast off...three, two, X Minus One !" NBC launched (get the pun?) the series, with Don Pardo announcing as only he can. Wendell Holmes, Ken Williams, and Luis Van Wooten starred in "No Contact" in which a space ship made a voyage toward a planet called Volta in a future time known as 1987. Sources

April 22, 1955 X Minus One debuts

On this day in 1955, X Minus One debuts on NBC.

April 18, 1925 Bob Hastings was born

On this day in 1925, Bob Hastings was born.

April 16, 1935 Fibber McGee and Molly debuts on NBC

On this day in 1935, Fibber McGee and Molly debuts on NBC.

April 12, 1941 The Life of Riley debuted on CBS

On this day in 1941, The Life of Riley debuted on CBS.

April 11, 1943 Nick Carter, Master Detective debuts on Mutual

On this day in 1943, Nick Carter, Master Detective debuts on Mutual.

April 8, 1950 Dimension X debut on NBC

On this day in 1950, Dimension X debut on NBC.

April 4: Happy Birthday Frances Langford

April 4: Happy Birthday to Frances Langford born on this day in 1913

April 3, 1942: 'People are Funny' first heard on NBC

  April 3, 1942: On this day, NBC aired ' People are Funny ' for the first time. The  People are Funny  program, created by American radio and television producer John Guedel, was a game show that became very popular during its run. In this radio game show , the contestants were asked to perform tasks in public without knowing that they are being tricked on. During its entire run, from 1942-1960 and in 1984, in was hosted by three different personalities which include: Art Baker (1942-1943) Art Linkletter (1943-1960) Flip Wilson (1984) Of those three, the most remembered was Art Baker .

April 2, 1947: 'The Big Story' heard on NBC

April 2, 1947: The Big Story went on air for the first time on NBC and continued for another 8 years. A great success,  The Big Story  radio broadcast was very popular. The year it debuted, the program was even more popular than  Bing Crosby 's Philco Radio Time .

April 2: Happy Birthday, Jack Webb

Jack Webb , of Dragnet fame, was born on this day in 1920. 

March 31: Happy Birthday, Henry Morgan

March 31: Happy Birthday, Henry Morgan Meet Mr. Morgan, a bow-tie wearing, wide-grinning, wise-cracking radio host who anticipated the post-modern, bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you attitude of David Letterman, Howard Stern and others who would criticize their own network and sponsors on the air. Sponsor Adler Shoe Stores, for example, didn't like it much when Morgan said he wouldn't wear their new line of shoes to a dogfight. Asked by the owner himself to recant, Morgan said he would wear them to a dog fight. Starting out as a page at WMCA, he worked his way up through announcing to getting his own show, even if it was only a fifteen-minute one, in 1940 for station WOR. He would kick off broadcasts by saying "Good evening, anybody, here's Morgan." This was as a sly piece of satire aimed at announcers who addressed "everybody" at the top of their broadcasts, assuming their audience was that all-encompassing. ABC gave him his shot at a half and

March 30, 1946: Academy Award makes its debut

  March 30, 1946: It is on this day that Academy Award was first heard of Jezebel, was the first dramatized story and starred by actress Bette Davis .  It ran on CBS for 30 minutes.  The shows were adaptations of play, movies or novels.