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March 30, 1946: Academy Award debuted

  March 30, 1946: It is on this day that Academy Award was first created. Jezebel was the first dramatized story and featured actress Bette Davis  in a starring role. The program was sponsored by Squibb. The first show in the series featured an adaptation of the tale of the greatest southeastern part of Jezebel. Jean Hersholt was the chief executive of the Academy Of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts.

March 28, 1941: 'Hollywood Premiere' met the gossip columnist

March 28, 1941: The gossip columnist , Louella Parson , introduced famous guests who appeared in dramatized stories. She hosted Hollywood Premiere for the first time on CBS. Named as a columnist with uncanny gift for sensing scandal, Louella Parsons was known to air scoops with dramatic touch that can always make or break the subject’s career. "Hollywood Premier" was one of the programs hosted by  Parsons  in which actors and actresses were interviewed. This program featured the radio adaptations of some scenes of the guests’ upcoming movie.

March 27, 1943: 'Blue Ribbon Town' premiered on CBS

  March 27, 1943: Blue Ribbon Town , a 30-minute comedy-variety radio series, was first heard on CBS. Blue Ribbon Town , otherwise known as the "Pabst Blue Ribbon Town," was a 30-minute radio comedy series written by Dick Mack. It starred Groucho Marx , along with other artists like Leo Gorcey, Fay McKenzie, and Virginia O'Brien.  It aired on CBS until August 5, 1944.

March 24, 1935: Premiere of Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour on NBC

March 24, 1935: The entire NBC network aired Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour , a show that was previously only broadcast locally in New York City. The show lasted for 17 years after the national broadcast. Bowes was replaced by Ted Mack when the show was moved to other media. Major Bowes Amateur Hour  was created and hosted by Edward Bowes. It was American radio 's best-known talent show in the 1930's and 1940's This program was replaced The Chase and Sanborn Hour on NBC. On this program, Bowes chatted with the contestants and listened to their performances. Then the talented contestants were sent to perform on "Major Bowes" vaudeville tours.