Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 1933: The Debut of Don McNeil's Breakfast Club, First Broadcast of The Breakfast Club

June 23, 1933: Don McNeil was apportioned to present the show the show The Pepper Pot under its new name ‘The Breakfast Club’. One of the longest running variety shows, it proved to be a big success first for the NBC Blue and afterwards on ABC. Don McNeill continued to host the program for almost 35 years.  The Breakfast Club  was brilliant mix of music, jokes and casual talk with celebrities.

McNeill was hired by  the NBC Blue Network to hosted an non-sponsored early morning variety show titled The Pepper Pot.  McNeill thought name of the show was not in accordance with the show time which is started at 8:00 am. Later, He changed the show name as  The Breakfast Club. The show was divided it into four segments, that called as ""the four calls to breakfast."" by McNeil.

Not long after His debut on radio, McNeill was addressed to improve the series became television series. He was known as Don McNeill's TV Club . The Breakfast Club was simulcast on television in 1954-1955. McNeill also appeared occasionally on game shows and the like, and in 1963, he hosted the short-lived game show Take Two, built around photo comparisons.

McNeill's radio series continued through this time, finally ending in 1968, at which point McNeill retired from entertainment, and from public life.

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  1. I remember this show fondly: Aunt Fannie, Charlie Weaver, and dancing around the breakfast table.