Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 1909: SOS signal for the first time used as destress signal

June 8, 1909: When Cunard SS Slavonia Ship crashed in the Azores that's when the SOS signal is used for the first time to declare a State of emergency

The name of Cunard SS Slavonia Ship was taken from Abraham Cunard's name, an American loyalist of German.

SOS signal that was transmitted from SS Slavonia Ship when she crashed, was received by two steamers that passed near the crashed location. These steamers then saved passengers and crews of Cunard SS Slavonia

The first telegraph that sent from ships at sea to land station was also transmitted from Cunard liner Slavonia in 1904 and was operated by Medora Olive Newell (perhaps the first female telegraph operator on shipboard). She transmitted a birthday greeting for Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary as requested of Hungarian members of the Hague Peace Commission.

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