Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23, 1958: Have Gun Will Travel' airs for the first time

November 23, 1958: Have Gun - Will Travel  aired for the first time on CBS on this date. It is unique among other radio shows as it was based on the television show of the same name. The show starred John Dehner as Paladin and Ben Wright as Hey Boy and was written by Roy Winsor.

It is the only notable radio show that was adapted from a popular television series. Have Gun - Will Travel aired over 100 episodes and lasted until November, 1960.  It is revered still as one of the best westerns of all-time.


  1. Perhaps the only show to go *from* television "to" radio they certainly picked the right voice for Paladin. This was one of the first discs I bought and I listen to it often. It has great scripts and plots not as predictable as most westerns.

  2. ‎".... a knight without armor in a savage land." The radio version of "Have Gun, Will Travel" debuted today in 1958. John Dehnar played the role of Paladin. According to my sources, it is the only "significant" radio adaptation of a television series. The TV version started in 1957.

    "My Little Margie" started on tv and went to radio also also.