Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 1942 : 'The Show Without A Name' debuted on NBC

August 14, 1942: Garry Moore presented The Show Without a Name on NBC. It's aim was to tone down the morning show supremacy of Don McNeil's Breakfast Club on ABC and Arthur Godfrey on CBS. An award of $500 was offered to title the show, and the prize was won by someone giving the title Everything Goes.

In the hopes of averting the continued popularity of the morning show Breakfast Club on ABC and other shows elsewhere, CBS put up a challenge by airing its own show during the same time slot. The program, which at first was titled The Show Without a Name offered $500 to anyone who could give a nice name to the new show, hosted by Garry Moore. After picking the winner, the show was later renamed Everything Goes.

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