January 15, 1945: House Party airs its debut on CBS

January 15, 1945: House Party continued on the air for 22 years, including a long stint on CBS television. Art Linkletter starred on the CBS debut of the program.

The project was sponsored by General Electric and ran from 1945 to 1967 on CBS before jumping to ABC.


  1. I remember as a kid watching Art Linkletter's House Party on CBS TV 9 in Washington, DC. It was in black and white and my favorite part was when he would talk to kids. I remember always wanting to be on his show and talk to the kind man.
    When I was 6 my mother was able to get me on 'The Pick Temple Show' and on 'Ranger Hal'. I was then able to see myself on TV and was fascinated. I was also chosen to shoot a balloon off the rack. Since my mother wouldn't let me take a gun to the studio (yeah she was a liberal) so I had to borrow a kid's six shooter. Man I aimed and aimed and aimed...Finally Pick said shoot the thing pardner. I did and said 'Yeah!' (Wish I had said NO MOM I DIDN'T SHOOT MY EYE OUT!). Oh sweet memories of the 1950s and 1960s!

  2. Art was one of the first to do most of his own commercials, which made sponsors easy to please. Many entertainers then thought themselves above pitching products on their own shows.

    Paul Harvey (God rest his soul) was from the old school and he was the most convincing of all ad presenters.
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