January 30, 1933: The First Broadcast of The Lone Ranger

January 30, 1933: Debut of The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger was a fictional story about American Old West Hero. He was figured as a masked ex-Texas Ranger w with his best friend Tonto. This character described as  injustice  fighter in the American Old West and became popular as icon of American culture.

The Lone Ranger start its debut on WXYZ radio station that owned by George W. Trendle in 1933. Fran Striker as the writer of the show, made The Lone Ranger  became highly rate radio program as well as  comic books and movies. On radio, the Lone Ranger was featured by George Seaton, Earle Graser, and most memorably Brace Beemer.

Even on these days, The Lone Ranger still entertain its fans. 61 years after its debut, reruns of The Lone Ranger starring Clayton Moore were still being transmitted as of August 2010,and still able to entertain its fans at various ages"


  1. August 2010? They are still being shown daily on World Harvest Television, a Christian network. And they still hold up beautifully. The kids of today would do well to watch these classic shows, as they teach good manners and morals, right from wrong, telling the truth, etc.


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