Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10, 1932: The Debut of Radio Soap Opera

October 10, 1932: The birth of Judy and Jane (sponsored by Folger's Coffee), and Betty and Bob (sponsored by General Mills), two programs that were among radio's earliest venture into radio soap operas. The two programs captured the hearts (and ears) of audiences until the early 1940's.

Judy and Jane was a story about the friendship of two women who were very concerned about life in their small town of Honeycrest. Judy and Jane was produced by Frank and Ann Hummert.

Betty and Bob was created by the powerhouse producer couple of Anne and Frank Hummert in 1932. The show was the first widely popular daytime serial soap opera . The show was a typical Cinderella story soap opera creation which told the love story of a simple poor girl and a rich distinguished man.  Betty was a secretary at  Bob's company. Her love for Bob was not accepted by Bob's family.

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