March 25, 1943: Durante and Moore as the new comedic duo

March 25, 1943: Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore appeared for the first time on radio, and the pair remained on the air waves for the next 4 years. The duo took the place of the famous Abbott and Costello after Lou Costello suffered a heart attack.

Durante and Moore, a comedic duo, started their careers by appearing in Camel Comedy Caravan, where Moore was the “straight man” (serious) and Durante was the comedic foil.

Camel Comedy Caravan was a comedic show with music that featured six comedians, including the newcomer, Moore.

In the 1940’s, Moore decided to leave the radio showto enter the big screen. Durante chose to stay in the radio industry.


  1. What a time capsule! Brought to you tonight by your Rexall family druggist!

    I always found it strange that a big star like Durante would agree to team up with a relative unknown, at least then, like Garry Moore. I suspect it was to give Jimmy someone to talk to because he always needed a straight man. They did make a good team, though.


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