March 29, 1937: 'Our Gal Sunday' premiered on CBS

March 29, 1937: The first debut of Our Gal Sunday series was aired on this day. The radio serial was lasted for next 22 years latter with its popular dialogue  "Can this girl from a small mining town in the west find happiness as the wife of a wealthy and titled Englishman?"

The series featured the story of a girl named Sunday, who was adopted and raised by miners named Lively and Jackie. When Sunday grew up, she married the rich and handsome English Lord Henry Brinthrope. The series focused on the couple's struggle to remain faithful to each other, as there were lots of women running after Henry and men trying to get Sunday's attention.

Our Gal Sunday  was based on a 1904 Broadway production entitled "Sunday."


  1. I remember my mother listening to Our Gal Sunday every day in the 1940's. Just thinking of this radio show brings back so many WONDERFUL MEMORIES OF THE MORE SIMPLER TIMES PAST. WE ALL NEED SIMPLER TIMES AGAIN.

  2. Is there a way to listen to this WHOLE radio show... my mom was named Sunday cus of this show and my grandmother loved it. I was born way too late for this show to be still on, but I'm wanting to listen to is all if I can find it ALL


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