December 29, 1945: Truth or Consequences' airs for the 1st time

December 29, 1945: The radio quiz show Truth or Consequences debuted on NBC. It was presented by Ralph Edwards. Participants had to perform ridiculous acts or feats for cash prizes.

The show was planned as a parody of giveaway programs, and it took 5 weeks before boxer Jack Dempsey was recognized as Mr. Hush for a prize of $13,500.


  1. It's a shame it's not on the air today!! Watch out for Beulah the Buzzer!

    At one time, i owned the show that was broadcast from a town in new mexico called warm springs. they told ralph edwards if he would do a remote from their town, they would re-name there town, truth or consequences, new mexico. he did and they did. I think Truth or Consequences could be brought back if enough people want to see it on TV.

  2. Day-time is engaged in a higher form of entertainment...SOAP OPERAS!


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