December 30, 1942: 'Mr. and Mrs. North' had their debut on NBC

December 30, 1942: Mr. and Mrs. North aired for the first time on NBC. "The Way You Look Tonight" was the title song for the show. Joseph Curtin was played by Jerry North and Alice Frost starred as Pam. The program was sponsored by Jergens lotion, Woodbury soap, and Halo shampoo. Every episode, Pam would rightly lead police to the lawbreakers.

The original version of "The Way You Look Tonight"  was penned by Jerome Kern and the lyrics were provided by Dorothy Fields. Fred Astaire was the original performer of the song, which has spawned more than a dozen covers to this day.  The song earned Fred Astaire in Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1936. The popularity of the song during those years might have been the reason why it was chosen as the theme song for the show.


  1. And, the Wicked Witch of the West was none too happy! i was 2 months old and my Mom was 20 and her husband was 30! Time flies!!

    i never missed that show, nor 21st precinct.


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